Midnight Floral Women's Bow Waist Shorts

The Story Behind Our Midnight Floral Collection

Midnight Floral started off as a completely different idea, growing up my mother and grandmother spent a lot of time gardening when they could. I was privy to help out and also attend Home & Garden shows with them when they came to town. These shows featured gorgeous backyard ponds by in town vendors, florist and much more outdoor recreational vendors selling their goods. I particularly enjoyed the luxurious RVs and hot tub displays stationed inside the coliseum.

Midnight Floral Women's Bow Waist Shorts $21.99

There was a particular flower that was a staple in their gardens, the name they referred to it as was the "Praying Hand" flower. It was a tall stemmed plant with a single white flower that opened into what looked like a praying hand. I remember seeing it  a open at night as if in prayer. Looking for an idea for an floral pattern, I remembered this flower and went to search for images with no luck, but I stumbled upon many images of flowers with the similar attribute of blooming at night.

Midnight Floral Women's Cami Dress With Lace Edge

Midnight Floral Women's Cami Dress With Lace Edge $24.99

Hence came the pattern and collection Midnight Floral. Midnight Floral is not only a gorgeous design but also a design with a statement and is a part of our Collections with Meaning Catalogue. Collections with Meaning features designs and products that make a statement and are exclusively designed by TFC&H Co.

Midnight Floral Women's Loose Cami Jumpsuit

Midnight Floral Women's Loose Cami Jumpsuit $38.99

The meaning behind our Midnight Floral Collection is growth in adversity or growth in dark times. The flowers used in the pattern bloom at night because they receive their pollination from night flying insects. We also bloom during adversity or in dark times, we may not realize it at the time or enjoy it, but we most definitely grow, mature and are strengthened after we have endured. 

Shop our Midnight Floral Collection and not only be fashionable but make a statement.

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