Confidence Boost in Bundles

Confidence Boost in Bundles

Hair wigs & extensions

You know the feeling, that “I’m the sh*t” after a fresh sew-in or a newly fitted wig. Something about getting “fried dyed and laid to the side” as the saying goes, gives us a confidence boost like none other. That said, most of these expenses aren’t chump change and can run a pretty penny. You want quality hair that doesn’t break the bank, & sometimes the search for these products can get exhausting. If you peruse Facebook you’ve run into the many ads with pretty models and delicious looking baby hairs and transparent lace that looks natural. The problem and I’ve run into this myself has been fraud, what’s real and what’s fake. Many of these sites use other sites’ images and videos without even having the exact style advertised or quality of hair. I won’t mention names as I’m sure they’ve changed names & URLs to keep their scams going. You’ll find a lot of times these distributors lack customer service, are from China, and offer the most exquisite deals.

TFC&H Co. uses U.S.-based suppliers with a great reputation for quality hair. Though we may not have the great model selection and awesome videos as other sites do, we do make up for it in the quality of hair. We also offer free shipping, a 15-day return window for unused products should you not be satisfied, and again it ships from within the United States.

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