The Squeltering Effects of Trends – TFC&H Co.

The Squeltering Effects of Trends

You see it year after year, season after season, people plan around it and create by it. We tease, we taunt, and we even shun those that don’t follow by it. What is the phenomenon we speak of that affects fashion and design? As the title suggests, it is Trends. Admittedly, TFC&H Co. designs around trending colors. We read about the colors of the year from experts such as Benjamin Moore, Pantone, Sherwin-Williams, and even follow along with Feng Shui’s color of the year. Our question is, do following these trends squelter creativity and individuality? Does it create uniformity and a robot-like behavior towards fashion and design? Have you ever heard “nobody wears that anymore, or that’s so last year,”? These trends not only apply to colors but patterns, textures, cuts, and the brands we choose. These trends dictate what is to be worn in fashion or used in decoration and for some, these rules are strictly followed, guiding shopping decisions and even friend-making. We sometimes follow these trends and suggestions because we need to fit in, but TFC&H Co. wants you to follow your sense of style based on what you like and how you express yourself. What is in season and what is trending should not be your only deciding factor in what you wear or how you decorate, but standing out with your own rules on such should be important. So, bring back those bell bottoms, clash those colors, and wear emojis, and off-brand if you so choose. Part of being confident and a trendsetter is determining your own rules. Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Be a fashion rebel, set your standards, and make your own decisions. In the words of Digital Underground (80s baby music), Do Whatcha Like.
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