Shop Dresses for Women of All Ages. Midi, Mini, Maxi Dresses for Women and Teens.
Shop Dresses for Women of Any Age

Women's Midi, Mini, Maxi Dresses, and Skirts for women who love comfort and style!!!

Striped Clothing Collection

Striped Collection of Men's & Women's T-shirts, Hoodies, Jogging Suits, and Dresses.

Not The Bounty Man's Flannel!!!

Classic Flannel Design but with more style. Shop this collection of Women's tops, pants, dresses, and shoes.

  • Serving Up New Trends!!!

    Unique designs exclusive to TFC&H Co. Create Your own lane and do it eco-consciously.

  • Sustainable Fashion

    With on-demand production, less than 15% mass-produced products, carbon offsetting, & using organic and recycled material in some of our products, TFC&H Co. helps to create less waste than conventional manufacturing.

    Stylish, Conscious, Ethical, & Eco-Friendly Fashion!!!

  • Handcrafted, Printed & Sewn

    Luxury and affordable products "designed by Tie" & printed-on-demand. Far from fast fashion & made to last.

  • Free Shipping!!!

    Free Shipping in The U.S. & Carbon Neutral Shipping Worldwide. We love oxygen!!!

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Shop All Things Spoooky this Halloween Season


Shop all things spoooky and fun for the Halloween Season. Discover Halloween... 

Deity Clothing by TFC&H Co.

Tap into your Deity with the Deity Clothing Collection by TFC&H Co. Full of style and equipped to perform, activewear, tees, tanks, dresses, jogging suits, leggings and more.  Deity for Men & Women.
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Unique Finds @ TFC&H Co.

All Things Wall Art, Wall Paper & Wall Decor

Shop murals, wall art, wall paper, and wall decor  to showcase in... 

Add Some Floral to Your Wardrobe w/ our Red Rose Purp Collection

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Mandala Collection by TFC&H Co.

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Street Art

The Street Art Collection of graffiti inspired art on tees, denim jackets,...