• Serving Up New Trends!!!

    Unique designs exclusive to TFC&H Co. allowing You to stand out & not just fit in. Become the trendsetters, and to do it eco-consciously.

  • Sustainable Fashion

    With on-demand production, less than 15% mass produced products, carbon offsetting, & using organic and recycled material in some of our products, TFC&H Co. helps to create less waste than conventional manufacturing. Conscious, Ethical, & Eco-Friendly Fashion!!!

  • Handcrafted, Printed & Sewn

    Luxury and affordable products designed by the founder & made-to-order. Items are exclusive to TFC&H Co. meticulously handcrafted, printed and sewn giving you quality, sustainably.

  • Free Shipping!!!

    Free Shipping in The U.S. & Carbon Neutral Shipping Worldwide. Order from us and help contribute to a cleaner world.

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Step out, and it's a hazard, step back and watch the drip,... 

Get Summer Ready w/ TFC&H Co.

Women's Swimwear

Women's Swimwear

TFC&H Co.'s Bikinis, Tankinis, Boy Leg, Halter, Two-piece and One-piece Swimsuits for...