Trends for Fall 2022

Trends for Fall 2022

 We want to start off by saying we don't advocate following trends, but setting the trends. Feel free to express yourself through fashion in any way you please, even if it's not currently in season or a trend. But with that said, we'd like you to know what some of these season's trends are, break them, improve them, but most of all Tie-Fly Tribe “Do You”!!!

#1 Sheer


Yes, you see it right, “Sheer” is in baby!!! It's not just a summer fling, and for my ladies that are a little more modest, you can wear it and not reveal a thing. Layer a sheer piece on top of another item for more coverage, as far as warmth, well, that's a different story. 

#2 Baggy & Wide Leg Jeans


Skinny Jeans out, air and circulation in!!! Time to let "it" breathe and "them" hang, you know what I'm referring to Tie-Fly Tribe.

 #3 Blazers


Oversized Blazers for that professional look. Wanna make it sexier? Wear a sheer top or a bralette underneath or bolder nothing at all.


These are just some of 2022 Fall Season's Trends. Shop these and more at TFC&H Co. Happy Trendsetting Tie-Fly Tribe!!!

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