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Back 2 School Shopping Whatnots

It’s almost that time again & if you are like most parents, you are elated & why is that; no more finding activities to entertain, less budget spent on snacks & lunch that the school normally supplies. Now it’s time to prepare your kids for school, this means updating supplies & gear that they may have outgrown from last year or have completely worn out from use. This doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor, & I wouldn’t suggest you run out to get the most expensive gear. Truth is, that gear will be outgrown, stained from lunch spaghetti & inadvertently painted on. You can still maintain a stylish, yet practical look at a wallet-friendly budget & Tie – Fly Clothing has just the looks you need at no more than $40 bucks.

To start; most kids will need something to carry the load of homework, books, crayons, pencils, pens & markers that will help carry them through a successful school year. We suggest investing in durable bookbags & pencil cases, such as these from Tie – Fly Clothing.

Next up, shoes, if your little one is anything like mine their feet seem to grow like weeds & they are not the friendliest to the shoes they wear. I’ve run into torn soles, to holes in the toes, so a good quality durable shoe is most definitely a good investment. You’ll need shoes that can get them through all seasons. Here at Tie – Fly we carry slip-on canvas shoes for easy wear, velcro shoes for the haven’t learned to tie, high-tops & snow boots all no more than $40.

Now, to Tie it all in, clothes. We have a wide selection of kids’ clothing for all ages. We suggest buying shirts that you can layer with jackets for those chilly classrooms or days, that can easily be removed should your child get a little warm. On cold winter days, we suggest hoodies or sweaters, to keep your child warm and cozy, which can be worn with joggers/sweatpants, leggings or jeans.

Shop Tie – Fly Clothing for your child’s back 2 school needs!!! Your place for unique fashion & accessories for the whole family even the 4 legged!!! We hope our clothes adorn you soon!!!

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