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About the Company, Owner, Designer & Processes

Behind The Scenes

About The Company

Founded in 2019, TFC&H Co. formerly named Tie-Fly Clothing sells luxury and affordable clothing, shoes & accessories for Men, Women, & Children. Later adding home decor, electronics, hair wigs & extensions. We are a sustainable fashion company, carrying less than 15% of mass-produced products. Furthermore, we produce on-demand, invest in manufacturers that use organic and recycled materials, & offer carbon-neutral shipping. We have a mix of influences from urban, street-wear to office attire. Though we may not have the fancy tailored pics or a mass selection of gorgeous models and influential celebs, we tailor our customer service & expectation of products sold to bring you nothing but the best. Our motto, “Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you." If we don't meet your standards, we try to accommodate as much as we can. TFC&H Co. serves both the U.S. & some international countries. Sustainable fashion methods are not quick delivery, but they are healthier for the planet & humanity.

About The Owner/Designer

Former Army Medical Specialist, Medical/Dental Office Admin, Tie, out of Indiana. A driven entrepreneur with a slew of business ideas & creativity. She began her ecommerce journey in 2019 and slowly delved into designing her own clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture and more.

The Processes

90% of TFC&H Co.'s products are designed by the founder. We source manufacturers who meticulously handcraft our products upon order, this of course requires time. We have designed brands such as TSWG (Tough Smooth Well Groomed), Petty, Teacher's Pet Collection, Introvert, Arrows, Midnight Floral, and many more. We refer to some of our designs & brands as Collections w/ meaning because the designs have special meanings, you can get info about the designs and meanings

Printing & Sewing Methods

A wide array of printing & sewing methods are used to craft our exclusively designed products. Check-out a few of the processes below.

Giving Back & Helping to Beautify

TFC&H Co.'s About & Pitch