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Who We Are

"Fashion Is A Taste & I Hope Mine Delights Your Palate" - Tie


Established in 2019 and headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, TFC&H Co., formerly known as Tie-Fly Clothing, specializes in offering a range of high-end and budget-friendly clothing, footwear, and accessories for Men, Women, and Children. Over time, our product line has expanded to include home decor, hair wigs, and extensions. As a diverse fashion company, we provide a mix of sustainable, on-demand, and readily available products. Additionally, we prioritize partnerships with manufacturers that utilize organic and recycled materials, while also offering carbon-neutral shipping on a global scale.

 Rooted in a variety of influences, from urban and street-wear to office attire, we proudly operate as an American-owned company within the United States. TFC&H Co. engages in both import and export activities, functioning as a direct-to-consumer brand. Although we may lack celebrity endorsements, we distinguish ourselves through personalized customer service and a commitment to delivering top-quality products. Guided by the motto "Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you," we strive to meet and exceed customer standards. If we fall short, we make every effort to accommodate our customers.

 Serving customers in the U.S. and select international countries, TFC&H Co. acknowledges that sustainable fashion practices may not result in rapid delivery but emphasizes their positive impact on the planet and humanity.

Owner & Designer

Originally serving as an Army Medical Specialist and later transitioning into roles such as Medical/Dental Office Administration, Tie, hailing from Indiana, embodies a determined entrepreneurial spirit brimming with a multitude of innovative business concepts. Embarking on her ecommerce venture in 2019, she gradually immersed herself in the realm of crafting her own designs spanning clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture, and beyond, aptly branding her creations as "Designs By Tie."

Our Mission

Our mission is to ignite and serve the adventurous, liberated, and eclectic with vibrant, enjoyable, and chic attire, footwear, and home accents. We aspire to embody a cornerstone of culture, evolution, self-expression, inclusiveness, and affection. Our commitment is to deliver excellence in both products and service, while continuously seeking avenues for enhancement when we fall short.