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Royal Geo 4 Leather Tote - Tie-Fly
Royal Geo 4 Leather Tote - Tie-Fly


Royal Geo 4 Leather Tote

Regular price $45.99

Stylish, cute & made to handle Your on the go gear!!! You'll come prepared & trendy with our Royal Geo 4 Leather Tote. A part of our Royal Collection for Men & Women, order Yours Today!!!

Type: High-grade PU leather, 14.5" x 5.51" x 11.02", Two-sided Printing


  • 33.51 Oz. Made from High-grade PU leather.
  • Dimensions: 14.5" x 5.51" x 11.02".
  • One Inner zipper pocket on the back wall and two slip pockets.
  • Single zippered top inside closure.
  • Comfortable and sturdy portable belt.