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Pet Friendly Date Ideas & Outfits

We know pets are known to provide comfort to the anxious & they may be a great conversation starter for the shy. You both adore animals & it wouldn't make things akward, so why not incoporate your pet into your date. You'll also want to make sure you are wearing pet friendly but cute outfits that will impress your date. These are a few ideas that you can move & groove in & catch their eye!!!

Here are some outdoor pet friendly places you & your date can go.

  • Dog Park
  • Beach
  • Hiking or walking trails
  • Park
  • Outdoor farmer's markets

I've also compiled a list of dog friendly stores & restaurants in some states that you may be interested in patronizing while on your date.

  • Alabama: Freek on a Leash Pet Bazaar, Rojo
  • Arizona: Bonnie's Bakery, Secret Garden Cafe
  • Arkansas: Hollywood Feed, Cheers in Heights
  • Colorado: Two pals & A Pup, Walnut Brewery
  • Connecticut: Barkery Boo'tique, The Elbow Room
  • Delaware: Deer Valley Danes, LLC; The Wharf Bar & Restaurant
  • Idaho: Petsmart, Westside Drive - In
  • Indiana: Three Dog Bakery, Brugge Brasserie
  • Massachusetts: The Cheeky Hound, JP Licks
  • Nebraska: Nature Dog, Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom

This list was compiled using Bring Fido & not all stores or restaurants are available in all cities, but you can search ideas that are city specific.

If you have any other ideas or places feel free to comment & as always Jah Bless!

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