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About Us

Tie - Fly Clothing & Hair Co.

Tie - Fly Clothing originated January 2019 and is a minority-owned business, solely operated by Army Veteran and single mother of 3 children, Tie (myself) out of Indianapolis, IN. A driven entrepreneur with a slew of business ideas & creativity, hoping to be the next big clothing line and retailer. We have several exclusively created lines by Tie; our men's line *TSWG* (Tough Smooth Well Groomed), which speaks for itself, *Teacher's Pet Collection*, that we hope inspires a love of learning, creativity & respect for educators, *Level Up* just growing & getting better in whatever way possible, which we all can do!!!  We thank you (me & my children) for your interest & patronage & hope our clothes adorn you soon, & check back regularly we usually roll out new designs weekly if not daily!!! Many Blessings & Level Up!!!